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Functional Sofa – Sofabed

With the increasing demand of functional furniture by the families, “Furniture+Function” is the trend and becomes more and more popular. The functional furniture like reclining sofa, storage sofa, storage coffee table, swiveling chair etc are welcomed by the clients.

Recommendation for today, the sofa bed, with following features

1, Linen fabric covering the wooden frame, with solid wood legs, there are color options for the fabric.

2, It is a sofa for sitting, can be turned into a bed for resting, especially for the houses with limited bedrooms, when friends or relatives comes for a night drop, he can be accommodated in this sofa bed; it can be also placed in the office, people can have a break, relax the body and mind.

3, As the sofa bed is in hot selling and mass protection, good quality, bottom price and delivery term can be guaranteed;

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Post time: Aug-02-2021