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How To Select The Environmental Friendly Dining Table

Dining table has different type: Glass and Iron, wood and Iron, plastic etc. But generally people are looking for dining table with a good table top, and the table top are normally made of MDF, particleboard, melamine etc. Today we are going to introduce the particleboard!

Since formaldehyde-based adhesives are generally used in the production of particleboard, the finished product will more or less release free formaldehyde. When the content of free formaldehyde exceeds a certain limit, it will affect human health. Detecting the formaldehyde emission of particleboard is a complicated process.

The following method is used to simply and preliminarily judge the formaldehyde emission of particleboard. First, stack the unused particleboard boards in a small room, close the doors and windows, and enter the room for observation after a period of storage. If there is no pungent smell, it means that the particleboard has a small amount of formaldehyde emission and will not affect human health. If the smell is large or there is a feeling of tearing, it means that the particleboard board may have a higher formaldehyde emission.

Thus it is important to select the high quality dining table made of particle board!



Post time: Jun-29-2021